Designer, builder and sailing legend with his Black Marlin and Barracuda trimaran. The most successful sailracing boats on the Baltic Sea in the last decade.

Jan is multiple winner and record holder of "line honours" (first ship home) at World’s largest single-handed race (Silverrudder 2016-2022 , 450 yachts).

Aside that, Jan won many other legendary races and records around the great Danish islands.

His sailing adventures and tours in Scandinavia and Mediterranean are very impressive too.

With the design of the trailerable and foldable full carbon “Black Marlin” trimaran, he set a new era in the racer-cruiser scene.

Aside the speed, the Black Marlin trimaran has a very nice and comfortable interior with 195cm headroom.

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With victories in more than 80 international championships, Roland is one of the most successful multihull sailors in the world.

Olympic medal, winner of 10 World and 15 European championships (Tornado, Laser). Victory at many ISAF World Cup Events and the Kieler-Woche. Overall winner at the Volvo Champions Race. Former leader of the ISAF Worldranking in Multihulls.

Offshore World record as helmsman with the 125ft Maxi catamaran “Playstation” together with billionaire-adventurer Steve Fossett.

Roland sailed also Orma60, Mod70, Extreme40, GC32, OneTon and many other racing yachts in his legendary career.

As a coach he brought young sailing talents to Olympic medals. Rolands training group won 4 Olympic medals and over 20 World titles. Actually, he is the helmsman of "BLACK JACK" an Decision 35 catamaran with many victories.

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Juergen teriete  |  Light speed marine  |   marlin trimarans 

marlin trimarans gmbh + light speed marine gmbh  are run by Juergen Teriete, sailing enthusiast and “everything-sailor” from childhood with 40 years sailing experience and enthusiasm.

Starting with regatta sailing on the 420, through numerous racing dinghies and F18 catamarans to countless holiday trips on cruising yachts and catamarans of all lengths, there are probably few types of ship that he would have left out.

He also is proud owner of a"L-Boat", a historic mahogany racing yacht from 1949, built by Abeking & Rasmussen.

His decision, to support the launch  and building of the first series Marlin 33 and to take over responsibility for sale and distribution of these trimarans, was quite easy after he completed just one single test-sailing-event on the legendary “BLACK MARLIN” and witnessed in amazement how Jan Andersen recently set another record at the Silverrudder Race 2021 and once again outclassed 400+ other boats, including different types of trimarans. 

He was completely convinced after a visit to “Elica shipyard” in Bulgaria, which provides a highly professional and international team and turned out to be a real high-tech equipped heavyweight in the boating industry.

With twenty-five successful years in real estate business, it is finally time for Juergen, to bring his well-founded wealth of experience in sales and contract processing to trading with one of the most fascinating boats of all.

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